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Meet Rose Garcia from The Real L Word – Flygirl Interview

Posted by Mandy Randhawa on July 9, 2019

Rose Garcia: Life as a Latina Lesbian and The Real L Word

If you haven’t seen the fun (and short-lived) The Real L Word, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the lives of real-life lesbians living in LA. Like its beloved counterpart (RIP Dana), it featured varied, strong, and magnetic personalities that had you on the edge of your seat every week.

We were lucky enough to nab Rose Garcia from Season 1 as a host for this year’s Pride festivities. On the show, she had her fair share of drama (although having drama was probably an auditioning requirement LBR), but we caught up with her to chat about life behind the scenes and beyond The Real L Word.

Flygirl: As an out Latina lesbian, have you found that there are issues unique to queer Latinos and Latinas or issues that are perceived differently based on people’s cultural backgrounds?

Rose: Yes, many Latino families are Catholic or very heavy into religion. Being gay or lesbian is considered the ultimate sin in our culture. That has been a hurdle that a lot of Latino(a) people have to overcome. I faced that initially, but my family overcame their views and accepted me.

When the Pulse tragedy happened in Orlando, I read that some Latino parents didn’t claim their children that had passed away because they found out they were gay. It’s a serious issue for most older Latinos to accept what they consider to be a lifestyle or a choice.

Flygirl: Have you come across any challenges that arise in your relationships because of these issues?

Rose: In my personal relationships, no. Luckily for me my family has worked out all of their misconceptions and are very accepting as you see on the show.

Flygirl: How has your life changed after The Real L Word?

Rose: Wow! It’s been years and I’m still traveling the world doing appearances. I love the fact that people still care about what we did and that we put our lives out there.

Flygirl: The show definitely has longevity, probably because of the strong cast and magnetic personalities. So your family was very supportive of you and your relationship on the show—that’s not common for Catholic or religious families. Do you have any advice for teens who are struggling with coming out or being out in these families?

Rose: As I’d touched upon this before, I know firsthand how difficult it can be for teens in this position. Luckily we live in a time where there is much more visibility. You see more LGBTQ people on television or in public office positions. Visibility is so important because it normalizes what religious families consider a choice or lifestyle.

I always tell teens that no matter what religious beliefs their families may have, love and time truly does overcome all. Keep loving your family and give them time. They will see past the “gay/lesbian” and see you for who you are.

Flygirl: What’s the number one thing you wished people would know or keep in mind when they watch reality shows like the Real L Word?

Rose: I can only speak from my experience and say that it was 100% real. Nothing was ever scripted or prompted. So, it’s a lot to be filmed for 12 to 15 hours a day, for months, and let the world into your life. Keeping in mind that you are dealing with real people is important. We are not actors… or at least I can say that I’m not an actor. 😄

Flygirl: You mentioned doing appearances and speaking at events, was there one that was particularly memorable or rewarding?

Rose: I spoke at the university of Pennsylvania several years back. It’s one of the only universities with an LGBTQ building dedicated to their students. I was asked to speak there by a Latina sorority so that was pretty awesome. These students were brilliant—it was an honor and an experience that definitely left an impression.

Flygirl: You’re known for being into partying on the show, so we’ve got to ask this one… Favourite lesbian party event?

Rose: Oh my! There are so many. I’m a Dinah Shore veteran and that was my first so they come in #1 one for me. I also love Aqua Girl in Miami, Plezzure Island in Texas, and I’m certain your event will be one of my favorites as well.

Thanks for the chat, Rose!

As for whether Chicas really is that awesome or if Rose was just being a gracious guest—or both—you’ll just have to come and find out for yourselves. Hit the Events page to get your tickets!

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