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Getting the parties started.

Posted by Mandy Randhawa on June 24, 2011

It started at Mescaleros. Then it became a Chicas tradition. People would know the party had officially started when Mandy stood on top of a speaker and started dancing with her top off. It got so people would ask when Mandy was going to come out and start the party.

In the last two years the events have become so big and busy, Mandy hasn’t really been able to get out there in the same way. But people still wait for her to dance – and when she gets on the floor, everyone knows it’s ON.

As we got this website ready for its own unveiling, we’ve been looking at photos and reliving all the events. For Mandy and I there’s a different indicator of when the party has fully arrived. It’s a point in each evening when most of our work is done. We look out and see everyone with their hands in the air, dancing, kissing, free and joyful, and we get to stand back and smile. It’s a total high. We work for months and months and months to have that perfect moment and every time it’s so incredibly good.

Each of our events has a different character – from garden parties to decadent boat trips to sultry nightclubs – but those perfect moments are the common denominator in all we do.

Looking back at all our past events got us even more excited about what’s coming up in the future, and made us both feel like doing a speaker dance. Because when we think of all the awesome venues and killer DJs and the amazing girls that come out to play, all the perfect moments still to come, we just want everyone to know, it’s ON.


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