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Flygirl DJ, Miss M wins International DJ of the Year Award!

Posted by Mandy Randhawa on November 27, 2012

We know Margret to be one of the hardest working DJs in the industry. The girl is ALWAYS working on her craft but most importantly innovating and having fun with it. We caught up with her after her adventures at Global Spin Awards in New York City last week for a re-cap.

What does this win mean to you?
Miss M: I’m honoured to have won this award! It means so much to me because it will not only open many doors, it is also recognizing all the hard work I put into this everyday. It is perfect timing as well as it will help me move forward and continue along this journey in the direction I have always been wanting to go!

How did you get your start as a dj?
Miss M: I bought my first turntables on ebay in 2007. It showed up broken so I sold them back and bought brand new ones! if you want to go WAY back, i used to save my $5 a day lunch money to buy a CD once a week, then I would use those CD’s to make mixtapes (actual cassette tapes)!

What artists and djs have inspired you?
Miss M: During university I used to carry around 3 photos in my binder of JAY-Z, SEINFIELD, and OPRAH. These 3 people were my inspiration as they constantly reminded me of being the BEST in their industry. As per DJ’s there are so many out there but from the top of my head, I have always looked up to DJ Jazzy Jeff, Q Bert, Shortee, etc.

What advice do you have for up and coming female DJs?
Miss M: The best advice I can give to up and coming female DJ’s is to first focus on your skill before your appearance. Second, don’t look for gigs until you are certain you are ready to play live in front of a crowd! Lastly, I suggest recording yourself to listen back and work on any errors.

What can fans look for in the near future from you?
Miss M: I am planning to tour more all over the world! I will continue to drop my mixes on itunes and sound cloud so keep an eye out for those! I also have a big surprise to be launched in the new year – something the fans have been asking for and something I have always wanted to do.

What do you like about spinning a Flygirl party?
Miss M: I always have a great time spinning at Flygirl events because the crowd is very accepting of whatever I play! The ages are all across the board so I’m able to play all genres from every generation! Everyone gives off high energy positive vibes which makes my job super easy!

What’s on your Ipod that gets you dancing?
Miss M: I dance to a lot of different kinds of music! I love to dance to Latin, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, House….pretty much everything!

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know.
Miss M: Something about me that you probably don’t know is how afraid I am of horror and ghost movies! They will scare me for days afterwards. Another thing that people probably don’t know about me is how I’m crazy obsessed over my baby lotion. You will notice I have it with me at ALL times and I use it at least once an hour and/or whenever I wash my hands!

We are immensely proud to have Miss M on our team and she’ll be spinning Dec 26 Hershe Bar at Bar None, Vancouver. For DJ Miss M music check out Miss M soundcloud:

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